Business Acquisitions, Mergers
& Company Law

If you are looking to sell your business or to consolidate or expand your interests by way of corporate merger or acquisition, our expert commercial solicitors can advise you on preparations for and management of the transaction and will assisting in negotiations, documentation preparation and the conduct of appropriate due diligence throughout the process, in order to achieve a seamless transition.

Our mergers & acquisition solicitors have considerable experience in a full range of transactions including company share or asset acquisitions or disposals within a variety of different industries, from multi-million pound corporate interests, through to the purchase or sale of small independent trading concerns. We are able to properly advise any party to the transaction, whether purchaser, seller or potential investor.

Some of the specific areas in which we can assist include Contracts, Terms & Conditions of sale or supply, company shareholder agreements and shareholder exit strategies, business structure and strategy, legal due diligence investigations, negotiating and preparing documentation, managing risk and post-acquisition integration.

We aim to make the whole process less complicated when advising you on preparations for a transaction, whilst working closely with your other chosen professional advisors on issues of tax, banking, accountancy and corporate finance.

Due to our extensive pool of knowledge in the firm, including that of employment and commercial property practitioners, we are able to harness a composite package of advice and service bespoke to your transaction.

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