Britain is a heavily regulated society and corporate breaches of regulatory provisions (that are often little known to businessmen or commerce in general) are being pursued with more and more vigour by local authorities or those empowered with enforcement. Compliance provisions in subsidiary legislation are wide ranging and cover a myriad of issues from environmental concerns to fire regulations, from town planning issues to European fishery quotas, to name but a few.

A conviction for regulatory breach could be a very expensive experience as the Magistrates’ Court is empowered to enforce heavy fines for offences under various regulatory enactments. The knock-on effect of such a conviction could be adverse publicity, increased insurance premiums and of course, the payment of prohibitively expensive fines by both the corporate entity and its officers

We provide a service to those of our clients who may fall foul regulatory compliance obligations that are interwoven throughout day to day business operations. We work to provide a complete, commercial service for our clients by offering sensible, commercially aware advice, in connection with regulatory compliance and breach of prevailing commercial regulation and legislation.

Our services range from the point of initial investigation by the Authority concerned, to  defending clients in prosecutions for alleged breaches of regulatory obligations.

Our considerable expertise in commercial and corporate matters, combined with our criminal litigation experience, provides our clients with a unique combination of skills in an effective and dedicated service for commercial clients who find themselves in difficulty.

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