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CWC Stories: Introducing Yuliia Malysheva

Tuesday December 19, 2023

Our merger with Plymstock-based solicitors, Fursdon Knapper, in 2022 saw several legal experts in a variety of fields move over to the CWC branch. One of those acquisitions is Yuliia Malysheva, whose journey in law is more unusual compared to some of our other team members. 

Born and bred in Kyiv, Ukraine, Yuliia’s journey to Plymouth is marked by her dedication to the field of law. Her education is impressive, to say the least, as she obtained her Specialist Diploma in Jurisprudence from the National Law Academy of Ukraine after five years of dedicated study. Following her graduation, Yuliia commenced her career at the Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv City, where she served as a prosecutor’s assistant. 

While working at the Prosecutor’s Office, Yuliia continued to expand her legal horizons. From 2009 to 2014, she pursued further studies at the Koretsky Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. During this time, she conducted extensive research in the field of International Law which she showcased in a comprehensive research paper. In 2016, Yuliia defended her thesis, earning the esteemed qualification of Candidate of Science in Law (International Law).

For several years, Yuliia’s legal expertise found a home as she served as a juvenile prosecutor in Kyiv from 2015 until February 2022, where she worked tirelessly to ensure the welfare and rights of the most vulnerable, young members of society.

Yuliia’s journey took a new and unexpected direction in April 2022 when she arrived in Plymouth, a move driven by the current conflict in Ukraine. Despite her refugee status, her legal background and unwavering commitment to her field led her to a position at a local solicitor’s firm, Fursdon Knapper Solicitors.

During her time with Fursdon Knapper, Yuliia worked in the Wills and Probate department, contributing her expertise as a valuable legal assistant. After the merger, her role transitioned to the Family Department, where she’s embraced the challenges and complexities of family law, a role which she thoroughly enjoys. Yuliia’s enthusiasm for this area of law shines through in her daily work.

Yuliia is determined to enhance her legal qualifications in the English legal system and is now actively seeking courses and opportunities under the guidance of CWC that will equip her with the skills and knowledge required to become a qualified solicitor in England.

Her dedication to the legal field and diverse experience make Yuliia an invaluable member of the CWC team. If you think you could benefit from Yuliia’s expertise, get in touch

Yuliia Malysheva's journey in law is more unusual compared to some of our other team members.