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Separated parents and negotiating Father’s Day arrangements

Friday June 16, 2023


At Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors, we understand that for separated parents, special occasions like Father’s Day can present unique challenges when it comes to establishing visitation arrangements.

It’s essential to approach these situations reasonably and focus on the best interests of the children involved. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Flexibility is key

It’s possible that your agreed parenting plan may not allow you to spend Father’s Day with your children if it falls on your former partner’s allocated weekend. The same applies to occasions like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and other family celebrations. To benefit everyone involved, it’s usually in the best interests of both parties to agree on some flexibility within the parenting plan.

Be reasonable

When negotiating Father’s Day arrangements, it’s important to approach the discussions with an open mind. Rather than demanding the entire weekend, consider the possibility of agreeing to a shorter period, such as an hour or two for a special brunch or lunch. Additionally, consider the needs of fathers on the other side of the family, such as the maternal grandfather. Factoring in these considerations can help foster a more amicable agreement.

Be genuine

If you wish to request a change to the pre-agreed parenting schedule, ensure that it is a sincere request. Some individuals may use date changes as a means to initiate arguments. By planning well in advance and demonstrating genuine intentions with each request, you can help to maintain a harmonious co-parenting relationship.

Prepare to adapt

What worked for Father’s Day arrangements one year may not necessarily work the next. Circumstances change so it’s important to recognise that your children may form strong bonds with your ex-partner’s new partner, and they may wish to acknowledge their role on Father’s Day. In such cases, family mediation can assist in navigating these changes and reaching solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Be open to talks

If communication with your ex-partner becomes challenging, family mediation can be a valuable option. A trained mediator can facilitate discussions and find mutually agreeable arrangements concerning your children, finances, or property. Even if you already have a child agreement in place, mediation can be utilised to establish exceptions and flexibility on important dates like Father’s Day.

The bigger picture

While Father’s Day may present difficulties, it’s essential to remember that your relationship with your children extends beyond this one day. Invest effort throughout the year to build and maintain a strong bond with them.

Children come first

Above all else, every decision made with your ex-partner should prioritise the best interests of your children. Even if you may harbour anger or resentment, consider the impact on your children if you resist their desire to see their stepfather or grandfather on Father’s Day. It’s crucial to prioritise their well-being and emotional needs.

At Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors, we are dedicated to helping separated parents navigate family law matters. If you require legal guidance or support in establishing suitable arrangements for Father’s Day or other occasions, our team is here to assist you.

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Navigating Father's Day arrangements for separated parents can be tricky. CWC Solicitors offers advice on the matter.