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CWC Academy: Tips for future law students

Friday September 8, 2023

Are you about to embark on your journey into the world of law? Congratulations on choosing a path that’s intellectually stimulating and can open doors to a wide range of rewarding careers.

The road to becoming a successful legal professional can be challenging, however, it’s essential to begin your studies on the right foot. Here are some top tips for students who are about to embark on their degree in law. 


A law degree requires strong organisation skills, so investing in planners, digital calendars and timetables is an effective way to keep track of classes, assignments, due dates and important deadlines. Time management will be an essential ally, as in the real world, you’ll need to be on time for your clientele. 


Reading is paramount when studying law. Develop strong reading habits early on and actively highlight key points, take notes and ask questions about the material you’re studying. Laws change very frequently, and it’s a good habit to continuously check and ensure that your practices align with up-to-date statutes. 


Try not to be a passive observer. Engage with your lecturers and classmates, debate legal issues, ask questions and be a part of the discussion as this will help you to understand and remember legal concepts more effectively. After all, practice makes perfect and being an active participant will allow you to prepare for the outside world. 


Legal research is a fundamental skill for any solicitor. Familiarise yourself with relevant legal debates, research techniques and cite case laws and statutes throughout your studies to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding.

Study Groups

Although not essential, study groups can be beneficial. Collaborate with your peers and share notes, help each other to clarify concepts, offer different perspectives on legal issues and be prepared to challenge each other in order to improve your knowledge and skills.


Wherever possible, attempt to gain real-life experience through internships and work placements. Many law firms and legal clinics offer placement opportunities, and candidates pursuing a career as a solicitor will need to complete two years of qualifying work experience (QWE). 


Start building your professional network early on in your studies. Attending legal events, participating in student organisations and connecting with alumni is a great way to open doors to internships and future job opportunities. 

Take Care

Studying law can be mentally taxing, so be sure to take well-earned breaks and rest appropriately. Don’t hesitate to seek support from peers or counselling services if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed because, in the long run, burnout will only hinder your studies. 


Make sure you plan your career. Having clear goals and ambitions will enable you to make the right choices regarding your studies, and as you progress, you’ll feel more confident in your decision-making and can manage your time more effectively to suit your goals. 

Good luck, from CWC!

Starting your studies in law can be both challenging and rewarding. With these tips in mind, you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting journey ahead. Just remember that persistence, dedication, and a genuine passion will serve best on your path to becoming a successful legal professional.

At CWC Solicitors, we wish you the best of luck in your law studies and future legal career!

Are you about to embark on your journey into the world of law? Congratulations on choosing a path that's intellectually stimulating.