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Prices of work visas set to increase this month

Thursday October 5, 2023

At CWC Solicitors, we strive to keep you informed about essential developments in immigration and nationality fees that may impact your plans for studying, working, or visiting the UK. The latest update from the Home Office has confirmed a significant increase in the prices of skilled worker visas, set to take effect from 4th October. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of these changes, their implications, and what you need to consider.

The Home Office’s Rationale

The rise in visa costs is part of a broader legislative move that aims to increase immigration and nationality fees. The Home Office’s objective is to use these additional funds to support vital services and prioritise public sector pay rises. While it’s important to recognise the government’s need for resources, it’s equally crucial for individuals and businesses to understand how these fee hikes may impact their budgets and plans to hire or sponsor foreign workers. 

Specific Changes

The government initially unveiled plans for a 15% increase in the cost of most work and visit visas, along with a substantial 20% hike in the cost of certificates of sponsorship and various priority and study visas back in July. These alterations will have a direct impact on the costs associated with different types of visas.

The Immigration Health Surcharge

It’s important to note that these impending price hikes do not include the planned rise in the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is set to be introduced later in the autumn. This additional fee will contribute to the cost of healthcare while you’re in the UK.

What Does This Mean for You?

These changes in visa costs highlight the importance of carefully considering your financial planning when it comes to travelling, studying, or working in the UK. Understanding the fees associated with your specific visa category is crucial for budgeting and decision-making.

It’s advisable to stay updated on further developments in immigration and nationality fees, including the impending Immigration Health Surcharge increase. 

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UK work visas are set to go up in price in October, but what does this mean for you? CWC Solicitors explain.