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Disputes involving children are often delicate and complex. CWC child custody solicitors understand that such disputes can be emotionally charged, and are here to guide you through the process with compassion and professionalism.

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How Can Our Child Custody Solicitors Help?

Our child custody team, based in Plymouth, specialise in resolving disputes involving children, ensuring that the interests of your children remain at the forefront. We provide personalised legal advice to help you understand your rights, options, and responsibilities.

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Protecting the Welfare of Your Children

Safeguarding your children is our top priority. Our child custody solicitors strive to create child-focused solutions that prioritise their emotional and physical well-being. We work closely with you to establish parenting plans and contact schedules that reflect the unique needs of your family.

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Why CWC Solicitors?

CWC Solicitors stands out for its commitment to excellence in family law. Our team of child custody solicitors have been servicing families in Plymouth for decades and bring a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding disputes involving children. We are dedicated to providing compassionate yet assertive representation, ensuring that your case is handled with the utmost care and expertise.

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What factors does the court consider when determining child arrangements?

The court considers various factors, including each parent’s ability to provide a stable home, the child’s relationship with each parent, and any history of abuse or harm.

How can I modify an existing child arrangement?

Modification requires demonstrating a significant change in circumstances. Our child custody solicitors can guide you through the legal process of requesting a modification.

What role does mediation play in resolving child-related disputes?

Mediation allows parents to work together with a neutral third party to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, promoting effective communication and cooperation.

How is child support determined in Plymouth?

Child support calculations are influenced by factors such as each parent’s income, the number of children, and additional expenses related to childcare and education. Financial support for children is dealt with by the Child Maintenance Service.

Can grandparents seek contact?

Depending on the circumstances, grandparents can apply to the court for contact. Our child custody solicitors can provide guidance on the eligibility criteria.

What happens if the other parent violates an arrangement?

If a parent violates an agreement, enforcement action may be pursued. Our child custody solicitors can advise on the appropriate course of action.

How can I protect my child from parental alienation?

Parental alienation is a serious concern. Our child custody solicitors can help address and prevent such issues through legal strategies and interventions.

What rights do unmarried parents have regarding child arrangements?

Unmarried parents have the same rights as married parents, but establishing legal paternity may be necessary. Our solicitors can assist in asserting parental rights.

How long does the process of resolving disputes involving children usually take?

The duration varies based on factors such as court caseload and the complexity of the case. Our child custody solicitors work efficiently to reach timely resolutions while prioritising the best interests of the child.

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