Domestic Victims of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can have a profound effect on individuals and families. Based in Plymouth, our solicitors provide compassionate and effective legal support for those facing violence in a relationship.

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What Classes as Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse encompasses a range of abusive behaviours that occur within intimate relationships, affecting individuals regardless of gender, age, or background. This includes physical violence, emotional abuse, financial control, sexual assault, and coercive control. Understanding the various forms of domestic violence is crucial in recognising and addressing the issue.

Gain Protection from Domestic Abuse

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, seeking legal protection is a crucial step towards ensuring your safety and well-being. Our specialist solicitors at CWC are experienced in obtaining protective orders, such as non-molestation orders and occupation orders, which can provide immediate relief and legal safeguards against further abuse. We prioritise the urgency of these situations, working swiftly to secure the protection you need.

How Can CWC Help You?

CWC Solicitors is committed to supporting individuals facing domestic abuse situations in Plymouth and the South West. Our experienced team provide empathetic and practical legal guidance, helping you understand your rights and options. We work collaboratively with you to develop a personalised strategy, whether it involves obtaining protective orders, initiating legal proceedings, or exploring alternative dispute resolution methods.

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What is considered domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse includes a range of behaviours such as physical violence, emotional abuse, financial control, sexual assault, and coercive control within intimate relationships.

How can I recognise the signs of domestic abuse?

Signs may include physical injuries, changes in behaviour, isolation from friends and family, and controlling behaviour from a partner. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

What should I do if I am experiencing domestic abuse?

If you are in immediate danger, call emergency services. Reach out to domestic abuse helplines and consider seeking legal advice to explore protective measures.

How can a non-molestation order help me?

A non-molestation order is a court order that prohibits an individual from engaging in abusive behaviours. It provides legal protection and can include measures to keep the abuser away.

What is an occupation order, and how can it help in cases of domestic abuse?

An occupation order regulates who can live in the family home and can exclude an abusive partner. It is a legal tool to ensure the safety of those facing domestic abuse.

Can I get a protective order without involving the police?

Yes, you can seek a protective order directly through the court without involving the police. Our solicitors can guide you through the process.

How can legal action help me in a domestic abuse situation?

Legal action can provide immediate protection through protective orders. It can also facilitate divorce proceedings, child arrangements, and financial settlements to secure your long-term safety.

How can I protect my children from the effects of domestic abuse?

Our domestic abuse solicitors prioritise the well-being of children in domestic abuse cases. We work to establish safe arrangements and provide legal support to protect your children from harm.

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