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If you are ready, then we at Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors are ready. Your litigation and professional negligence specialist will sit down with you, before advising you on what is needed to pursue the action required. Following that, there will be an evaluation of your prospects, as well as a look at costs. Then comes your plan of action. On your behalf, we will pursue the case and act in your very best interest to get the best possible outcome for you.

Balancing the costs, against the potential benefits, you can trust us to give clear and sound advice. With vast experience in both County and High Courts, we will guide you through the whole process, protecting your interests at all times.

While striving for a result, it is our duty to ensure that this experience is as comfortable for you as possible. Litigation can be an upsetting process for many and as a result, we will handle you and your case with care and empathy.

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We won’t tie you down in complex legal jargon, we will keep everything in black and white for you, meaning you know exactly where you stand throughout proceedings and can make decisions that are right for you. It is our duty to ensure that from the outset you have a realistic review of the financial costs, as well as benefits, of pursuing a claim or defence versus the costs of proceedings. If for any reason litigation is not right for you, we will tell you.

Do you need help in pursuing a case relating to contractual matters, property & building disputes, professional negligence claims, landlord and tenant claims, disputed wills & estates, or personal injury claims? Or perhaps something else? Then please get in touch with a member of the team.

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