Military Hearing Loss

It has become apparent that the Ministry of Defence did not supply adequate hearing protection to those serving in the course of their day to day roles. While there is ‘tour exemption,’ meaning that negligence cannot be established for injuries sustained while in the line of duty, it is commonly the case that during time spent on the ranges or, on exercise either the incorrect or no hearing protection was provided. This has led to mild to severe hearing loss.

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There is a misconception that if you have previously served you are unable to pursue the Ministry of Defence with the view it is not loyal or patriotic. This could not be further from the truth. In 1987, the law changed allowing those who have served to bring a claim for compensation, much like any other employee is entitled to do against their employer. The team at Curtis Whiteford Crocker can help navigate your claim and offer the best-personalised advice.

Given the extent of the noise from the weapons, only having been fired once without adequate hearing protection provided is sufficient to cause injury. All claims are run under the Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a ‘no win no fee’ agreement which means that if the claim does not succeed you have nothing to pay.

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You do not have to be completely deaf to be entitled to compensation. You can make a claim if you are experiencing a buzzing or ringing sound in your ears. This is known as Tinnitus and, for the sufferer, it can cause extreme pain, especially in a quiet environment. If you only went through training or served in the Territorial Army for a short amount of time, it has still been found that those people have sustained an injury, let alone those that were serving for many years.

As part of any claim, Curtis Whiteford Crocker will arrange for an in-depth hearing test to take place in your local area. This will be followed up by a consultation with an experienced ENT Consultant who will produce a medical report, not only setting out the extent of your loss but also the best ways to assist with your symptoms. This can be anything from a private hearing aid or ways of coping with your Tinnitus. All of these costs can be recovered from the Ministry of Defence as part of an overall damages settlement.

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