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It is not easy facing the prospect of leaving behind your loved ones. Death is understandably an incredibly daunting thought for so many, as is making the necessary arrangements beforehand. Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors have handled wills, trusts, and probates for decades. Our team are experts in not only making sure that your estate and affairs are in order, but also ensuring that you are handled with the utmost professionalism and care at this time.

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Helping you when you need us

We are here to ensure that your final wishes are secured and met. You might not want to even think about writing a will, but it is so important that you are able to make your passing as easy as possible for those you love. From helping to minimise any potential Inheritance Tax liability to advising on your prized possessions, Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors are here.

Will’s are not always easy to find between house moves and changing relationships. By choosing us we will ensure that your will is registered with a National Database, making it quick and easy to locate at such a challenging time.

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Focused support

We are here for support when you need us most, and beyond that, when those you care about do too. Our services guarantee that details relating to your will and final wishes are just a phone call away.

If you are concerned about a will you have written before, about trusts, probates, or even writing your first will, you can contact our experienced and considerate team today. Advising on all aspects of wills, including powers of attorney, trusts, tax planning, court of protection applications, asset protection, and estate administration, we have the knowledge to help you.

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