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Inheritance Disputes in Plymouth

Navigating the sensitive terrain of inheritance disputes requires a compassionate approach. At CWC Solicitors, we understand the complex emotions involved when contesting wills or estates. Each case in Plymouth, Tavistock, and the wider Devon area is handled with the utmost care, ensuring you feel supported throughout the process. Our seasoned family law solicitors are committed to delivering resolutions that honour your family’s needs.

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Legal advice for contesting a will

The decision to contest a will is never taken lightly. If you believe a will doesn’t’reflect the true intentions of the deceased, or if there are concerns about capacity when making the Will or undue influence, it is crucial to seek legal advice promptly. Alternatively you may have been excluded from a Will or feel that you have been unfairly provided for. The team at CWC Solicitors in Plymouth are equipped with the knowledge to provide clear advice on your position and the steps you can take. We aim to demystify the legal complexities and offer a clear path forward.

How can I contest a will or estate?

Are you considering challenging the terms of a will or the administration of an estate? At CWC Solicitors, we guide you through the often-complex legal criteria for contesting a will, such as lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, or lack of provision. Our family law solicitors in Plymouth and Devon will work alongside you to build a robust case that recognises your rights and interests.


What exactly is an inheritance dispute?

An inheritance dispute arises when an individual challenges the distribution of a deceased person's estate. Such disputes can be based on the validity of the will, the interpretation of its terms, or the administration by executors. CWC Solicitors can assess your situation and advise on the possible grounds for contesting an inheritance in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

Are there time limits for contesting a will?

Yes, time limits depend on the nature of the dispute. Typically, claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 must be made within six months of the grant of probate. Other challenges may have different limitations. Our family law solicitors in Plymouth can clarify specific deadlines relevant to your case. We would recommend that in any case, you contact us soon after the death, or you are made aware of the death and or the terms of the Will, so appropriate steps can be taken including consideration given to entering a caveat.

Who can contest a will?

Those with a potential interest in the estate, such as beneficiaries named in the will, beneficiaries from a previous will, or close relatives who have been left out, may contest a will. Speak with CWC Solicitors to determine your eligibility.

Can I contest a will on the basis of unfairness?

While perceived unfairness isn't a legal ground for contesting a will, there may be other valid reasons, such as failure to make reasonable provision for dependants. The expert solicitors at CWC will help you understand if your circumstances constitute a claim.

How do I begin the process of contesting a will?

The first step is to consult with a solicitor who specialises in inheritance disputes. CWC Solicitors in Devon will review your situation, advise you on the merits and potential outcomes, and initiate proceedings if warranted.

Is contesting a will expensive?

Costs can vary based on the complexity of the case and its duration. CWC Solicitors, Plymouth, provides transparent pricing and options that may include alternative dispute resolution to help manage costs effectively.

Can I contest a will without going to court?

Yes, mediation and negotiation can often result in a settlement without the need for court proceedings. Our skilled negotiators at CWC Solicitors aim to resolve disputes swiftly and amicably.

What if I'm not happy with the way the estate is being administered?

If you have concerns about the administration of an estate, it's important to seek legal advice. Mismanagement or breach of duty by executors can be challenged, and CWC Solicitors are proficient in handling such disputes.

What does 'undue influence' mean in the context of wills?

'Undue influence' refers to situations where the testator was coerced into making provisions in their will that they would not have otherwise made. CWC Solicitors can help you gather evidence to support a claim of undue influence.

Can a solicitor update me on the progress of my case?

Absolutely. Keeping you informed every step of the way is part of CWC Solicitors' commitment to honest and clear communication. You'll receive regular updates and have direct access to the solicitors working on your behalf.

Why choose CWC Solicitors?

Choosing the right solicitor can make all the difference in inheritance disputes. CWC Solicitors stands out with our deep-rooted local knowledge of Plymouth, Tavistock, and Devon, and our commitment to clear, honest communication. Our tailored legal solutions and proven track record of positive outcomes give you peace of mind. Trust our community-focused legal service to understand and advocate for your family’s needs.

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