Wills & Probate

Disagreements over a deceased person’s money or property can be devastating for those left behind and very expensive to resolve.

Surprisingly, almost half of all adults living in the United Kingdom have never discussed inheritance matters and 26% don’t see discussing inheritance as a priority; Many people either do not make a will or make a poorly prepared and considered will. It’s not surprising therefore that disputes over inheritance are on the increase…

When it comes to disputes we turn to our expert Tony Pearce – Tony joined us last year with over 30 years experience in his field, he has been a dispute resolution lawyer for more than 30 years and has been a solicitor specialising in disputes over wills, trusts, probate and trust administration and trust property for over 16 years.

There is no one single factor behind this increase in disputes over inheritance. Whether it’s disappointment at not receiving an inheritance or receiving an inheritance less than was indicated, money or property being left outside the immediate family, the increasing accumulation of wealth in the hands of the older generation and the expectations of some younger people all play a part and when facing an inheritance dispute it is vitally important to seek specialist assistance.

When it comes to disputes, whatever the issue may be, you need a specialist with a mixture of understanding, life experience and proven ability as a solicitor specialising in family inheritance & property disputes; Tony, thanks to his colourful and varied history of work, is the first choice of many and for good reason… visit his profile here to find out more.

Dealing with contentious wills, trusts and probate issues and other disputes involving disputed wills, estates and trust property for private and commercial clients, we can advise on all aspects of wills, powers of attorney, trusts, tax planning, court of protection applications, asset Protection and estate administration.

The experienced team at Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors will listen to your concerns, give clear & simple advice to resolve your issues over a will as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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