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When disputes about a rented or leasehold property arise, they can be complicated, frustrating and time-consuming, but with the support of experienced solicitors, they needn’t be.

A large majority of landlord and tenant disputes come about because of either the tenant or landlord breaching the obligations of the contract between them.

Sometimes, it could be that rent is in arrears or the tenant has unlawfully sub-let part of the property, but equally it could be there is a disagreement surrounding the service charge levied by the landlord or the terms of a lease renewal.

Whatever the issue, swift action can often avoid unnecessary disputes.

Letting a property can be profitable, but letting without a properly drafted agreement is putting a valuable asset at risk, as well as creating a huge headache for everyone involved.

Duplicated, out of date or ‘off the shelf’ Tenancy Agreements or Leases can be ineffective, but Curtis Whiteford Crocker can swiftly produce a tailor-made agreement that will protect your interests and your assets – ensuring worry-free letting.

Our landlord and tenant expert solicitors are well-versed in all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship, regularly advising on; Tenancies & Guarantee Documents, Possession Notices under the Housing Act 1988, Possession Proceedings in the County Court, Possession Orders & Eviction proceedings, Purchase of freehold, The right to manage (RTM) and the recovery of rent arrears.

Whatever your individual needs as a landlord or tenant at CWC Solicitors we consider the whole picture, whilst understanding the challenges for landlords in dealing with difficult tenant matters and problematic contractual & property law issues.

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